Company and management

Barely any other industry is as challenging as the gastronomy sector. A lot of skills are needed to reconcile personal hospitality and fast service. The one who relies on the well-conceived and user friendly technology of wallatec can expect satisfied guests and a full restaurant.

When it comes to dispensing, drinks cooling or accounting - the questions is, how to support caterers in their daily work? wallatec takes this question as the central basis for the development of all our systems. The practical orientation one-to-one reflects in every single product. These are of course flexibly applicable and integrable in already existing systems. This relief for the individual tasks finally has an impact on the whole atmosphere of the restaurant - one of the reasons why visitors become regulars.


Ing. Werner Müller, 1970
Board of Management, CEO abatec group AG

After many years of international experience in various areas of the aircraft supply industry, most recently in executive management, he moved to the abatec group AG in August 2015. In his role as COO he sees a clear focus on the customer and effectiveness as the key factors for the continued successful growth of the group.

Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Niederndorfer MBA, 1966
Chairman, CDO of abatec group AG

Following graduation in Telematics from the University of Graz, Friedrich Niederndorfer founded ABATEC Electronic GmbH together with Bernhard Parzer in 1991. He was awarded an MBA from the Danube University of Krems and has been the Controlling Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of abatec since 2000.