WSS Drinks dispenser

The new wallatec dispenser is impressive with its ground-breaking functions and modern design.

Thanks to the modular design with intelligent controls, the bar dispensing system is extremely efficient and ensures fast, smooth workflows.
Every opportunity is taken to increase efficiency - reducing staff costs - faster beverage dispensing - perfect service - optimum staff support - reliable billing.


  • All dispensing system components are intelligently networked via Ethernet.
  • Any number of coffee machines, spirit dosing systems, weighing systems and much more can be integrated into the system.
  • Fully automatic billing on display, print-out with standard receipt printer or via any convenient mailing delivery.
  • After the waiter's key is inserted, all beverages already entered in the cash desk system are automatically displayed in the correct order as a “virtual receipt” with very large text, so that the drinks only need to be requested by waiter. This means that pressing the small keys, often with even smaller labels that are hardly legible, is no longer necessary.
  • Remaining amounts can be saved automatically specific to the waiter or deleted
  • Pre-dispensing is possible and automatic billing using the bookings
  • Dispensing is only possible when the waiter is registered (key insertion) without having to press any keys - and the credit is still displayed as information
  • The key only needs to be inserted briefly to begin, then the next waiter can immediately log on to dispense other drinks - no blocking and no hold ups
  • All beverage valves are controlled electronically and therefore in an energy-saving manner. Using electronic control reduces power consumption by up to 70 percent, which not only saves additional costs but also significantly reduces the heating and thus increases the service life.