The bar-top device with the revolutionary bottle connection system

The Bottletender is an attractively designed device which is the ideal way to offer delicious cocktails without needing additional staff. User-friendly and easy to operate, with optimum drinks dispensing technology and recipe reproduction, it means even untrained staff can mix the perfect cocktail. The Bottletender stands for the highest quality. Up to 16 different ingredients are mixed – not in the machine, but instantly supplied through separate lines straight to the shaker. The recipes are freely programmable, and the cocktails are made entirely from the products of your choice.


  • Takes up little space (only 60 cm wide)
  • High-grade appearance and timeless design, with red, yellow and blue LEDs
  • Optimum product presentation
  • No unhygienic tubes in sight
  • Products can be quickly changed thanks to magnetic lock
  • Special dispenser
  • Simple to handle and easy to use
  • Freely programmable products and recipes
  • Very quiet operation