Dispenser technology

Established dispensing technology:

Flow meter (Durchflusszähler)

  • High-precision flow meter
  • Guarantees exact amount of liquid measurement for flow controlled drinks eg. beer, wine and schnaps

Drink pipe (Getränkeleitung)

    Made from high quality material

  • The flat internal areas prevent discharge of CO2 and deposits
  • Impermeable to air and odours
  • Considerably higher drink quality
  • Accompanying cooling of the individual drinks

Keg Boy

Automatic beer barrel changing device for 3 barrels
Consisting of:

  • Control board with plastic casing (130x130x60mm)
  • incl. 6 mounting connections
  • 3 Sirai magnetic valves
  • 3 electr. empty flow stops mounted
  • Total length:  80 cm
  • Power supply 24VAC - not included in the scope of supply!

Empty flow stop (Leerflussstop)

The empty flow stop keeps all devices and pipes from the tap (filled up), if the barrel is empty.
This prevetns the formation of a gas-drink-mixture in the pipes and thus the loss of the drink which is normally in the pipe.

Intermediate pressure regulator (Zwischendruckminderer)

Enables different feed pressures to be set for the individual drinks. Can be individually expanded to attain several different pressures.